Disrupting Space Transportation

The German aerospace startup POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH develops a novel reusable space launch and hypersonic transport system. The Spaceplane Aurora combines aircraft and rocket launcher technologies within a unique design. Aurora offers a game-changing economic viability and provides an enabler technology for routine cheap and safe access to space.

Spaceplane Aurora 

Aurora Key Features

  • Reusability
  • Superior cost efficiency
  • Take-off and landing on conventional runways
  • Responsive launch on demand
  • Unique mission flexibility
  • Unprecedented safety level
  • Scalability - light and heavy spaceplane

Multiple Target Markets

  • Satellite launch
  • Cargo transport to space and back
  • Human spaceflight
  • Hypersonic & suborbital flight
  • Hypersonic defense applications

POLARIS - Latest News

14.11.2022: Successful first flight of Bundeswehr Spaceplane Demonstrator

31.10.2022: POLARIS tests Spaceplane Demonstrators at Peenemünde Airport

07.10.2022: Flight Campaign with 3 Demonstrators

01.08.2022: Operation License for Bundeswehr Demonstrator Obtained

28.06.2022: POLARIS moves to new Company Site

29.04.2022: POLARIS joins NATO Hypersonics Working Group

31.03.2022: Pre-Series-A Invest Secured – Raising of Series-A Funding Launched

17.03.2022: POLARIS receives Bundeswehr Contract for Spaceplane Demonstrator

10.03.2022: ALEDA Rollout

01.10.2021: ESA-funded Project Consortium investigates Reusable Upper-Stages

23.07.2021: POLARIS receives first Bundeswehr Contract

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POLARIS - About Us

POLARIS Raumflugzeuge is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center DLR. The POLARIS team is highly experienced with an extensive research and industry background. Special competences include:

  • Deep system design and analysis competences for advanced launchers, hypersonic and reentry vehicles, high-speed transport aircraft
  • Reentry, thermal protection and cryogenic technologies
  • Aircraft design
  • Marketing & sales
  • Comprehensive project management experience